Boeing 747

Boeing 747-200

The 747 fleet was brought in for Hawaii and future Pacific Rim service. All aircraft were eliminated with the end of the Hawaii route on 9/14/92.
The 747 was also used for flights to the Persian Gulf in support of the 1991 Gulf War.

Ship numberAircraft TypeReg.EngineMSNLNProd dateDeliv dateSeatsTail CommentsReturn Date
531747-206BN531AWJT9D-7W199229612/13/197009/01/198918/69/294WFU 6-29-9206/29/1992
532747-206BN532AWJT9D-7W1992311802/15/197111/06/198918/69/294WFU 10-15-9110/15/1991
533747-206BN533AWJT9D-7W1992413805/09/197110/26/198918/69/294WFU 1-15-9201/15/1992Boeing 747 aircraft #533
534747-206BN534AWJT9D-7W2039815208/06/197107/16/199018/69/294WFU 9-14-92, lt Garuda 5-2-92 to 7-13-9209/14/1992