Here are a large selection of America West commercials. America West used the following advertising agencies throughout their life:

  • Patchen Brownfeld (merged into Rosenfeld, Sirowitz, Humphrey & Strauss), 1983-1994
  • Team One, 1995-1997
  • Publicis & Hal Riney, 1997-2002
  • Moses Anshell, 2002-2005 (continued into US Airways)

The first America West ad. Designed to show how the small airline offered low fares, but full service, it shows how you got an assigned seat, free newspaper and free cocktails.

How many flights does America West have between Phoenix and California? Don't forget, we also fly you back.

We copied America West, but they still won't fly us? We can stop everywhere!

Flying America West has plenty of benefits - free food, free newspapers, and free drinks. Live entertainment is next, and we're working on it. Courtesy of Ed and Mary Ellen Beauvais.

This 1986 ad highlights America West's flights to Denver and Reno.

This ad highlights America West's LA basin service (LAX, ONT, SNA, and BUR). Courtesy of Ed Beauvais.

Now America West takes you to Seattle and Portland, where you may or may not need an umbrella. Courtesy of Ed and Mary Ellen Beauvais.

Light up your life with America West's expanded service to Las Vegas and Reno. Even with Nite Flites!

With possibly the catchiest jingle in an America West ad, this one announces new service to Chicago, New York and Baltimore on the new 757 aircraft.

The Cardinals fly America West, so should you!

The first of the two Hawaii ads that were recently donated by Ed Beauvais. I apologize for the video quality.

John Hillerman made a name for himself, like America West did in this 1989 ad. Courtesy of Ed Beauvais (apologies for the video quality).

Introducing...Nagoya, America West style!

Only one startup airline after deregulation has become the major airline the other carriers only dream of...

Part of the 1992 ad campaign, this short spot highlights America West's on time record from 1987-91.

America West has one of the youngest fleets of any major airline, as shown in this 1992 ad.

This 1992 ad highlights the employee ownership.

This ad, fourth in the series, highlights how the crews at America West are just as good as the crews at other airlines. Courtesy of Ed Beauvais.

America West has one of the best completion factors in the industry. Courtesy of Ed Beauvais.

Andrea just loves singing about America West. This was shot at the now-gone Fast Check counters at Terminal 4.

This time, the pilot sings about how America West respects you.

This 1993 ad commemorates our troops. This was a one off ad between the Respect series. Courtesy of Ed Beauvais.

Ever since Andrea started working for America West, she can't stop singing. This is Andrea's actual mother in the ad.

The final of the Respect ads highlights America West's on time record.

The follow-on to the Respect campaign included three ads. This was the first of these ads, where you can have your cake and eat it too.

What are low fares like? It's like running a successful business...from the beach.

So is flying America West like meeting a gorgeous hunk, and finding out he's your next door neighbor?

Introducing Teamwork (the first one). Little Ann Rogan is shown coloring her design that would eventually become N902AW.

This is an America West Plane. It's a 757. It looks like every other airline's plane. The fares we charge don't look like other airlines.

Everything is the same on America West, except for Murray.

Phoenix really overreacts to weather. This ad was originally shown in Indianapolis.

The shorter edition of Cloud Watch. This includes the Salt River clip and Skip Rimzsa clip.

This short version of Cloud Watch includes the Supermart and Papago Park clips.

The final Cloud Watch ad shows Nimbus Mayfield not responding to the anchor, and a nice day on the US 60 freeway.

The classic America West ad, showing the boarding process on an unnamed competitor.

More nonstops to more places from Phoenix than any other airline.

America West is having a moving sale. These fares are going fast!

The series of Every Flight Counts commercials. This one features a Ramp CSR loading a plane.

Planes come from corners of the baseball field in this ad, which also showcases the Arizona Diamondbacks sponsorship.

The most stressful part of the job? Moving 4 1/2 feet to a plane full of passengers who have heard..."The Ding"

Our Captain tells how he loves his job, and his five favorite words - "Flight Attendants: Prepare for Landing"

The Electric Chameleon campaign. Shown only in the hubs, this first ad sets up the storyline of an aging rock band who gets back together and tours the country on America West. This ad campaign proved to be very short-lived and caused the termination of the VP of sales and marketing; it was almost universally despised by employees.

The second ad is a 30 second version of the first ad, setting up the story of the fictional band.

The third ad in the series highlights how you can save money on

The fourth ad highlights Flightfund rewards...although next time, perhaps it's best to skip Kansas City.

If you've made it through all five ads to this point, the webmaster salutes you. The final ad in the series (mercifully) shows punctuality. How being on stage on time refers to an airline...well, some mysteries are best left unexplained.

People are nicer after a pleasant flight. But it's probably not best during a hockey game.

The last America West advertising campaign debuted just a few months before the merger announcement. This one features Bashas, an Arizona grocery chain.

This ad features Coldstone Creamery, an Arizona-based Ice Cream Chain.